With over twenty years' experience in rhyming and performing across a vast number of renown platforms, TNEEK shares her talent to inspire others



From £150 - £250

Performance ONLY.


From £150+

  • Performance; and

  • Inspirational Talk; Or

  • Presentation


At Rappers Academy (RA) we provide Interactive Workshops, Fast-Track Master Classes and Weekly Programs; teaching candidates the key fundamentals of Rhythm And Poetry (RAP).
RA students will master the art of writing their own rap songs, enhancing their existing rap skills and building self-confidence and mental stability.
Besides mastering the art of RAP, we also give inspirational talks and presentations to infuse self-belief, affirmation and achievement in young people.
Our ethos is "The Power is in our hands to Change the future; YOUth are the future, EmPOWER Them!"

Rhythm and Poetry (R.A.P) Master Classes

What is it?


1 Hour Session

2 Hour Session

3 Hour Session

R.A.P Master Classes consist of intense workshops covering the key aspects of Rhythm and Poetry through varied Fast-track sessions for mixed abilities.
We recommend ages 10 - 18, but bespoke classes can be arranged to suit your desired audience. Mixed Abilities. 

Interactive teaching with worked examples
Interactive teaching with student performance upon completion
Interactive teaching with worked examples, RapSpiration Talk & student performance upon completion

Rhythm and Poetry (R.A.P)  Comprehensive Program

What is it?


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

The R.A.P Comprehensive Program walks candidates through the 5 key fundamentals of Rap. Students will be taught how to implement these skills using their own style and approach; and will acquire the confidence to perform their own songs on stage. This program includes RapSpiration Talks, professional performance from an established artist, Prized Talent Contest and Certificate Award on completion. 

We recommend ages 10 - 18, but bespoke programmes can be arranged to suit your desired audience. Mixed Abilities. 


3 hour session (Rhythmic Flow)

3 hour session (Poetical Forms)

4 hour session (Song Writing / Telling your story)

4 hour session (Diction & vocal delivery)

Performance Techniques & Talent Contest (Winner awarded a day in studio With recorded track)

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